Two women, two bags, two books

I spotted theses two new-release books in a bookshop. Do great minds think alike, or is there just so much you can do with the “woman’s torso” school of bookcover design? It’s not as if the subject matter of the novels is similar either, except that they are focused on women. One is contemporary and the other set in 1948.


Under the Influence
Jacqueline Lunn
Random House Australia

Eve, now 34 and a concert cellist living in London, returns to an Australian country town for the funeral of her old school friend, Meg. As Eve and Sarah, also a school friend, face their friend Meg’s death, they must also face the past and the secret the three women shared.


The Sparrows of Edward Street
Elizabeth Stead

It’s 1948 and Hanora Sparrow and her teenage daughters, Aria and Rosy, have fallen on tough times.  With little more than the suitcases they carry and a few pounds between them, they must move to a housing commission camp on the outskirts of Sydney.

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